PR nationalizes millions enterprise with arm in tax haven


29 October 2020 at 15:19

The hotel, which is part of a group of three buildings and has a building with more than 20 floors, whose works were resumed in January 2018 after two years of stoppage, is described as one of the largest and most imposing hotel units in the country. and was in the hands of Miramar Empreendimentos Lda, established in March 2007, by Patrícia Carla Muside Gomes de Almeida.

Patrícia Gomes de Almeida presented herself at the 1st Cartório de Luanda as a proxy for the three companies that would hold the company’s share capital: Sonangol SGPS – Sociedade Gestora de Participações Sociais Lda., Grupo Suninvest SARL, which has Ismael Diogo as a partner da Silva, and Namkwang Rainbow Company, SA, headquartered in Panama (Diário da República of 11 June 2007 – III Series, nº 70).

The Suninvest group, which has undergone three changes since it was created in 1996, by three partners (José Antunes Neto Queiroz, Mário Leonel da Silveira Correia and Ranzi Ramuz Klink) was transformed in 2013 into a Limited Liability Company, already under the representation of Ismael Diogo, president of the Eduardo dos Santos Foundation (FESA).

Ismael Diogo was detained in 2018 on suspicion of fraud crimes for defrauding and active corruption, having been released a week later with a term of identity and residence. Since then, no developments have been made public.

In the decree made public yesterday, October 28, the President’s decision is justified by the fact that the hotel unit was financed with entirely public resources, through Sonangol EP.

In the Sonangol Report and Accounts for 2016, in the item “Investments in Real Estate in Progress”, the amount of 74.675 million Kwanzas was included for the construction of Intercontinental – Hotel & Casino.


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