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JAKARTA, – Even in the midst of a pandemic, many two-wheeled manufacturers still present new motorbike throughout 2020. For 2021, of course a lot motor-motorbike whose presence is awaited.

In 2020, quite a number of new motorbikes are launched. Most of the motorbikes launched are of various types automatic scooter ( scooter), as from Yamaha, Honda, and Vespa.

In 2021, there are several new motorbikes that are predicted to launch. Not only scooters, but there are also motor sport, either locally made or imported, aka CBU.

PCX 160

Special All New Honda PCX 160

Yamaha has presented the All New Nmax 155 Connected with its various advanced features. To compete with it, Honda has also presented the PCX 160 and will be launched in late January in Japan. It only remains to talk about the time issue for this scooter to be introduced in Indonesia.

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ADV 250

Honda ADV Honda ADV 150

The consumer response to the ADV 150 was quite high. Not a few who expect a bigger engine capacity from this adventurous scooter.

Former President Director of PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Toshiyuki Inuma, once said, it was a good idea to launch and sell the ADV 250 in Indonesia. In terms of segment, Honda does not yet have a champion in that class.

“If consumers want, we will try to make it happen,” said Inuma, when met by, some time ago.

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All New CBR150R

Image rendered by the Honda All New CBR150R made by Image rendered by the Honda All New CBR150R made by

Motor sports in the 150 cc class it is still more desirable than the 250 cc class. Because, in terms of price it is still more affordable.

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Not long ago, the rendering of the All New CBR150R was circulated, which looked very similar to the CBR250RR. No wonder this year the motor sport has increased. In the last few years, Honda has only provided a refresher in terms of color choices.

The All New CBR150R is said to offer a more sporty driving position. In addition, there will also be an Assist and Slipper Clutch feature and an upside-down front suspension. In order not to lose to its closest competitor, namely the All New R15.

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All New R25

Rendering Yamaha R3/R25 Rendering Yamaha R3/R25

Kawasaki has presented the Ninja ZX-25R which is quite well received by consumers in Indonesia. Honda did not want to be left behind by upgrading the CBR250RR in the form of a quickshifter feature.

Several Asian media, including Japan and Thailand, believe the latest generation of this motorbike can be realized by the end of 2021. Regarding the engine, it is suspected that it is still a 2-cylinder inline configuration. However, not a few also mentioned that it would be equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with crossplane crankshaft technology.

All New MX-King
Yamaha is also expected to release its new flagship duck this year, namely the All New MX-King. The indication is that in Vietnam Yamaha has just released a new generation of Exciter which is actually the “twin brother” of the MX-King.

Apart from having a totally new design, this duck also carries a new engine technology, similar to that used in its brother R15, VVA technology. The engine capacity used is 155cc, producing 17.7 Tk of power and 14.4 Nm of torque. Through this provision, MX-King can be named the fastest duck in Indonesia.

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Yamaha Exciter 155Photo: Motosaigon Yamaha Exciter 155

Royal Enfield
Meteor 350

Royal Enfield Meteor 350Photo: Motorbeam Royal Enfield Meteor 350

Royal Enfield has officially launched the Meteor 350 in November 2020 in India. This motorbike is a new motorbike, not a development from other models that also use 350 cc engines, such as Classic or Bullet.

With a cruiser style, the Meteor 350 is equipped with modern features, ranging from a navigation system connected via Bluetooth, LED Daytime Running Light (DRL), power outlets, and others.

Irvino Edwardly, Country Manager of Indonesia Royal Enfield, said that his party is focused on selling the Classic 500, Continental GT 650, and Interceptor 650 for 2020.

“Royal Enfield will continue to develop motorbikes that suit the needs of its customers and will provide updates in due time,” said Irvino.

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250 Adventure

KTM 250 Adventure Photo: Motorbeam KTM 250 Adventure

Motorcycle enthusiasts in the adventure category are quite high in Indonesia. No wonder if in 2020, KTM has presented 390 Adventure.

In 2021, to complete the lineup, KTM is also predicted to launch 250 Adventure. This adventurous motorbike was built from the base Duke 250.

KTM 250 Adventure already launched in India in November last year. It is predicted that this motorbike will enter Indonesia near the end of 2021.

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BMW motorcycle
M 1000 RR

BMW M 1000 RRBMW motorcycle BMW M 1000 RR

BMW Motorrad Indonesia including the most up to date APM regarding the marketed motorcycle portfolio. When launching the R18 some time ago, it was stated that the M 1000 RR would also be imported.

“Yes, that’s right. We will also bring it to Indonesia,” said Joe Frans, CEO of PT Maxindo Moto Nusantara, to some time ago.

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This full fairing sports motorbike has a high engine performance. Part of the body is made of carbon fiber material which is very light and strong. The M 1000 RR is not only legal to drive on the highway, but also ready to be invited to race on the circuit.

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R18 Classic

BMW R18 Classic Photo: Special BMW R18 Classic

After launching the R18 First Edition, BMW Motorrad Indonesia will also bring another variant, namely the R18 Classic.

Joe Frans said that the motorbike would be exhibited in February 2021, to be precise at the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) exhibition.

“BMW R18 Classic will be showcased the first time in February, hopefully it happens. The problem is we don’t know, but if we do, we will show it, “said Joe Frans.

Joe Frans added that this Classic variant is oriented more towards touring. Because, it is also equipped with a side bag, high windshield, and more headlights.

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Definition CE 04

BMW Motorrad definition CE 04 BMW Motorrad definition CE 04

The development of the electric motorbike market in Indonesia also inspires BMW Motorrad Indonesia to participate in this class. BMW also already has the CE 04 Definition.

Joe Frans added that his party is eager to be able to bring Definition CE 04 to Indonesia. However, it still depends on regulatory issues during registration.

“If for example the registration and other things can be done, why not? Because it is quite sophisticated in my opinion,” said Joe Frans.

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