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Premier League. Who is the title of the tournament? Liverpool are still in the game!

Watch a live report on the Southampton FC – Liverpool FC match

As expected Liverpool he did not go out with the eleven strongest. “The Reds” waiting Champions League Final and are only a few dozen hours after the FA Cup final killer. Therefore, they must manage their strength wisely.

But it is still in danger Title England. Crew bite Juergena Kloppa on the object Southampton – already has some maintenance in Premier League – would mean the final triumph Manchester City.

The hosts opened the match result and needed less than a quarter of an hour for it. He showed a phenomenal shot from the penalty spot Nathan Redmond. Alisson Becker he had no chance of an effective intervention.

Moments later, a goal Roberto Firmino was not recognized due to the offside.

However, half an hour into the game did not pass and he got 1-1. Pass at a speed of two Diogo Joty use Takumi Minaminoand a powerful shot in close range brings them into line.

After changing sides, the team that cared more about him blew the decisive blow. The ball finds its way to net “Saints” after it hits its head Joela Matipa. And it was a hit on the weight at a set point.

Thus, before the last series of games Liverpool he only lost one point to the leader Manchester City.

“The Citizens” will play at home with Aston Villa. The Anfield team will take the last chance Wolverhampton.

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Purpose: 1-0 Redmond (13.), 1-1 Minamino (27.), 1-2 Matip (1-2).

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