Premieres the documentary “San Martín, the last trip” – A morning for all

“San Martín, the last trip”, documentary film for television that investigates the years of exile, the death and subsequent repatriation of the mortal remains of Jose de San Martin, will be able to be seen from this Saturday in diverse air signals of all the country, in the eve of the 170º anniversary of the death of the hero.

The film, written and directed by Diego D’Angelo, with historical advice from Roberto Colimodio, is proposed as a “search for the true meaning for Argentines of the so-called ‘Father of the Nation’”.

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In dialogue with Chain 3, D’Angelo stated: “It reflects a little-known moment in the life of Saint Martin when he goes to Europe, for example.”

We had a hard time doing it and we are happy to put them on the air

“It portrays a little-seen historical moment. We show his trips to Europe, where he lived, studied and what he did there,” he said.

Lasting about 45 minutes, the film was filmed in different settings in Argentina and Europe, with the intention of bringing to light little disseminated information about San Martín and taking an analytical look from the 21st century on events that occurred two centuries ago.

D’Angelo also anticipated that one of the findings of the documentary was the rescue of the records of the “Great funeral march”Which was performed for the only time when the remains of San Martín arrived in Buenos Aires in 1880.

The piece, restored and orchestrated by Carlos Guevara, is part of the soundtrack of the documentary.

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The realization, with production of Image Productions, will premiere on all eight channels of Telefe in the interior of the country.

Broadcast schedules

Saturday August 15: on Telefe Salta and Mar del Plata, at 1 pm On Telefe Santa Fe, at 2 pm On Telefe Bahía Blanca, at 3:30 pm.

Sunday August 16: On Telefe Neuquén, at 10. On Telefe Tucumán, at 11. On Telefe Córdoba, at midnight.

Monday, August 17: On Telefe Rosario, at midnight.

Verónica Maslup Report.


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