Preparation for the rainy season, this is the choice of used diesel cars Rp. 100 million pages all

JAKARTA, – Entering the rainy season, floods are still frequently encountered in a number of cities. In order not to interfere with mobility, you need a vehicle that is rather tall and can hit puddles.

Diesel engined cars can be an option. However, considering the price of the new model is still relatively high, there is nothing wrong if you are looking for a used unit.

Herjanto Kosasih, Senior Manager of the Stock Exchange Used car WTC Mangga Dua, said the price used car in the market tends to be stable.

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Sapta Agung Nugraha Auto2000 Diesel engine car tank cap

For a car in good condition, the price mobile diesel can even be more expensive than a petrol-engined car.

“Example Innova Kijang Diesel can be Rp. 10 million to Rp. 20 million more expensive than the gasoline model for the same year, “Herjanto told recently.

In the used car market, there are currently various types of diesel cars available. Here we choose those that are priced in the price range of IDR 100 million:

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Isuzu Panther Isuzu Panther illustration

Isuzu Panther

The car, which has been nicknamed “The King of Diesel”, is still the belle of the used car market. Apart from being known for being economical in fuel, Panther is also tough against flooding.

From online trading sites, the Panther Grand Touring type from 2002 to 2004 is generally pegged at around Rp. 80 million to Rp. 100 million depending on conditions.

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In fact, due to high demand, it is not uncommon for Panther stock on the market to run low. Making the selling price of this car fairly durable.

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Illustration of Toyota Kijang Innova used by Jokowi to City Illustration of Toyota Kijang Innova used by Jokowi to City Hall

Toyota Kijang Innova

Kijang Innova since it was first released in 2004, is available in two engine options. The diesel variant carries a 2,500 cc D-4D turbo commonrail injection engine.

Like the Panther, the Kijang Innova diesel is one of the most sought-after models on the market. For 2004 to 2006 alerts, at least you have to prepare funds of around Rp. 110 million to Rp. 130 million if you are interested in proposing this car.

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Ford Everest faceliftford Ford Everest facelift

Ford Everest

In addition to the MPV model, used diesel-engined SUVs are also available on the market. Ford Everest is an interesting model to choose from.

Because this car carries a 2,500 cc turbodiesel engine that can produce 110 hp at 3,500 rpm and a peak torque of 268 Nm at 2,000 rpm.

Traced from a used car buying and selling site, Ford Everest production from 2003 to 2005, aka the first generation, is priced at Rp. 90 million to Rp. 100 million.

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The Chevrolet Captiva, an SUV alternative for urban areas.Chevrolet Indonesia. The Chevrolet Captiva, an SUV alternative for urban areas.

Chevrolet Captiva

Another option for used diesel cars can fall to the Captiva. Interestingly, this car was equipped with various features that were fairly sophisticated in its day.

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This car has a choice of AWD drive with mesin diesel 2,000 cc VCDi with 150 tk and 320 Nm of torque.

Speaking of prices, this SUV is priced from Rp. 100 million to Rp. 110 million for 2007 alerts. Meanwhile, for 2011, it can be obtained from Rp. 120 million to Rp. 130 million.


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