Preparing Indonesia to Welcome Disastrous Battle, China Affirms that it is Ready to Fight against ASEAN Countries

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – State media China, The Global Times recently broadcast some shocking news.

In its publication, the Communist Party China (CCP) which is also in other words the government China declared ready to fight against nations ASEAN.

Not only that, China also ready to mess with other countries involved in the dispute over the Nine Dash Line area with Beijing, including United States of America (AS).

The CCP also boasts that it will win war even if against (US) though.

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The CCP deliberately made this statement when the US was carrying out military exercises on Guam using the B-52 Stratofortress nuclear bomber.

practice war America has started on September 14 and will last until September 25.

The US Navy deploys the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and the amphibious assault ships USS America, USS New Orleans and USS Germantown in drills war based at a major Guam Navy and Air Force facility.

Massive military maneuvers, named “Valiant Shield” this also involves 100 aircraft and about 11,000 troops.


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