Presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”

The evil appearance and youth body format will distinguish the car from the crowd.

A year ago it became known that the Ulyanovsk machine builders took up the development of the Patriot receiver, and announced that Russia would have an analogue of Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. Initially, we took it as an April Fools’ joke, but the Ulyanovsk people were not joking – UAZ “Russian Prado” is really being developed.

This is indicated by constantly appearing technical details of the SUV, and the regularly declassified patent visualizations that show how the exterior and interior elements of the car look do not let us forget about the Russian Prado, and recently information has appeared about four-wheel drive.

Judging by the new patent images of the keyboard unit with a four-wheel drive mode selector, there is an icon on the selector to indicate the center differential lock. This suggests that the UAZ “Russian Prado” can get a permanent four-wheel drive. It’s also no secret that the successor to the Patriot will receive an aspirated 2.5 and a Ford Transit diesel turbo engine, and they will build a car on a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado class platform.

It is noteworthy that Russian motorists and journalists doubt the competitiveness of the new Ulyanovsk SUV, as its appearance looks outdated against other players in the SUV market. And such models as Renault Arkana and other cars, atypical for the Russian Federation, set a new bar of requirements for the appearance of cars, and UAZ never shone with bright cars. But is everything so bad?

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On the eve of the portal was presented cross-coupe UAZ “Russian Prado”. The virtual prototype demonstrates how you can beat the declassified headlights and grille of the future SUV in a more youthful and modern format. The authors also made the rear of the roof taller, so the passengers in the back row will not rest their heads on the ceiling, which is the eternal problem of coupe-shaped crossovers. The concept looks brutal and confident, and if the Ulyanovsk people work on the quality of the car, then Land Cruiser will move, and Renault Arkana will bend on the Russian market.


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