President Bursts Through the Virtual Court Rooms


After Wednesday's opening hearings open, there were complaints, in some pundit analysis, that there was eternal evidence of two U.S diplomats. By one NBC News, which focuses on talent scout from the 1930s, said that the hearings did not have “pizazz”.

Of course, you get the word “pizazz” anywhere in the major part of the US Constitution. Later, viewers can draw in a story through slow-slow injection as well as terrible plots.

That said: Was there enough pizazz at Friday for you?

Wednesday, in the series of collision series, is a documentary from Friday Marie L. Yovanovitch, the former American ambassador to Ukraine, which was somewhat “Homeland,” a little “Sopranos”, a little “Law and Order.” There were stories of danger and international violence, government backup, threats – and, of which least almost, surprise President Trump (and possibly bad advice).

Firstly, Ms.'s prepared evidence was questioned. Yovanovitch Wednesday line of stories and zoom to ground level, describing the hazards of foreign service work, the real costs of contamination in Ukraine and its gradual realization that elements in its own government were working to smear and remove it.

There was nothing academic and theoretical about her account. The bets were concrete and physical. She said she was concerned that she was worried about “security” and learning that she was fired when she was attending a ceremony for Ukrainian activists who had been assassinated in an acid attack.

And she described the incredible feeling that her own President was telling Ukraine president said she would “go through some things.” Read someone who read the statement, she said, and she told her “the color drained from my face.”

Then – like a fierce defender jumping out of his seat to scream at the courtroom playroom – Mr Trump himself started with the episode, through Twitter.

The Representative Adam Schiff He was in the middle of asking Ms. Yovanovitch reported on a report that the Department of State refused to make a statement supporting her, in case she had three Trump. Now there was a new flight evidence to him on a small bird wings. As a live show director relocating to the flight, Mr. Schiff on the tweets as Exhibition A on the way that “go through some things”.

“As we testify here, the president is attacking you on Twitter,” he said. Ms. Yovanovitch worried and she seemed to be able to go up and compose the second to compose herself. Mr Schiff asked what impact the attack might have on other potential witnesses. “It's very intimidating,” she said.

It was a great day for the fourth wall, the smartphone screen was hitting into the TV screen. We looked at a real-time meta-confrontation between a diplomat and his former boss, the world's most powerful man, who is better able to make people through some anger taps for his boyfriends.

Whether or not Mr Trump ever believed, there were only two days to the hearings, which I have long held with famous people to create drama. If tedium is his ally, pizazz is his addiction. (And this is not even counting the post-credit scenes of Roger Stone's conviction, after the house committee broke a break, which added a further round of rage-rage.) T

The reviews were not kind, even on Mr Trump's home TV, Fox News. “The president's barrister didn't let him know when he wanted to do this tweet,” said Kenneth Starr, who prosecuted the case against Bill Clinton. "Judgment is very poor."

The subject of this collision investigation seems to follow the legal advice of that legendary pizazz lover, Billy Flynn of the music “Chicago”: “Take action with lots of flash / The reaction will be passionate.”

Whether that passion helps or hurt Mr. Trump, he is going hard to stay away from the spotlight.


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