Presidential dilemma deepens in DC: Leaders insist on not going to primaries with the PC

“A presidential primary where the DC and the PC are is absolutely compatible”. With those words -in an interview with La Tercera-, the Senator of the Christian Democrats, Yasna Provoste, urged the opposition to see if they are “capable of generating a common project” to face the presidential elections next year, also becoming one of the leading figures in the party that raises the option of internal elections that include both collectivities.

The statement -of which some leaders of the DC took distance today– occurred at a time when the President of the Christian Democrats, Fuad Chahin, has stated that his community will have a letter to La Moneda, and in a scenario in which the Mayor of Recoleta and communist activist, Daniel Jadue, has positioned itself as the best-evaluated figure of the opposition, surpassing in the last Criteria Research poll the main presidential bet of Chile Vamos: his partner from Las Condes, Joaquín Lavín.

A few weeks ago, interviewed hereby, Jadue said he was a supporter of presidential primaries with the entire sector, but stating that the His party’s proposal “is that we all go to primary school and that the program that wins the primary school becomes the backbone of the program that we all agree on.” Proposal that was rejected in its minute by Chahin, who assured that “We are not willing to go to a presidential primary where the one who wins takes the program home.”

The Provoste statement brought the debate back to the community.

“Doing a primary with the PC means that if Jadue is the chosen one, we all have to bow our heads and support him. That ends up diluting the DC. It seems to me that the senator Yasna Provoste chose the left path of no return, but she cannot drag us all to the cliff “said deputy DC Miguel Ángel Calisto.

Your bench mate, Matias Walker, also addressed the presidential stage, assuring on radio Duna that “We should have a primary school with whom we have similar values, principles and ideas” and that “The programmatic framework is before any primary school.” “We do not agree with Daniel Jadue’s proposal that whoever wins primary school imposes his program on the rest.”

Along these lines, he added that “I would not vote for Daniel Jadue because I love my country very much, because he has an ambiguous vision with the violation of human rights in other countries, he is a person who has reviled the agreement for the new Constitution “.

From the senators’ bench, and through his Twitter account, Senator Francisco Huenchumilla assured that “No one should seek that their ideas are the minimum common that is agreed. That is what makes an understanding, and a coalition, viable with the CP and with all the opposition.

Who also addressed the statements of Provoste was the helmsman Chahin himself, who consulted by this means he distanced himself from the senator’s stance.

“There are different levels. In elections for mayors and governors, I do not see problems in having a single primary of the opposition. But when it comes to a presidential primary, where there is a government program for the country, it seems essential to us -and this has been agreed by the National Council of the party unanimously- that we have a preset framework. We cannot go to a primary school without having previously defined the limits of the point of view of the principles, of the program and also of the point of view of the political relationship, of the governance, before participating in a primary. I think that is essential. I do not agree that whoever wins the primary by one vote takes, for example, the program for the house and does what he wants. That doesn’t seem to me to be consistent or politically responsible, he said.

Then adding: “I think consistency in politics is important, that is why you have to predefine the margins for a primary election. The DC is not going to give up having a political project that is not only a majority, but is credible, reliable and consistent. And I am sure that, in addition, we will have competitive presidential options and that we have a chance to win those primaries and reach the government, but on the basis of a reliable, credible political project that interprets us and that is not polarizing but rather that it looks for a deep change, but calm that gives certainty to the Chilean society ”.

The helmsman also addressed the criticism of his management that Provoste had done, by ensuring that “What I would like the most is to see the DC make an effort to tune in to the demands of the great majority. Unfortunately, in this administration that has been lost and a certain comfort has been generated with positions closer to a neoliberal model than to a social-Christian one. It does not represent us. ” He also argued that the challenges that come with the opposition require a different driving than Chahin.

“I have always believed in democracy and it is the party members who will have to define in due course if they consider that I can continue or am the most suitable person to continue leading the DC. I think I am very calm with the work we have done and aware of the challenges we have for the future. And more than criticize, I invite the leaders of the DC to join “, the DC leader responded.

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