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LMinister Dubé and Dr Arruda comment on the information from INESSS and INSPQ

About the study the gracefulness :

– We are following our game plan, we are where we wanted to be in the middle of the month, but there is still work, said Mr. Dubé.

– Quebecers managed to change the trend of last week.

– Hospital capacity has stabilized, but it is still fragile

– We must not change our behavior, we must continue until the end of October, insists Mr. Dubé.

On the scenarios presented by l’INSPQ :

– If the measures had not been put in place, the impact on hospitalization and on deaths would have exceeded that of the first wave, according to Mr. Dubé.

– If people doubted that the sacrifices were worth it, studies show that the efforts have an impact on the current situation.

– We are not out of the woods, but it is manageable, comments Mr. Dubé.

– A further reduction in contacts of 25% could stabilize the situation and even make it possible to be in an almost ideal station. Before COVID, Quebecers had 7 to 8 contacts per day. During confinement, we had three contacts per person and with deconfinement, we went back to between 5 and 6. To eliminate one important contact out of 5, that would make a big difference. Meeting someone for more than 15 minutes without a mask is the most dangerous contact. If people take it out, it’s going to make a big difference.

– It’s not perfect, I would like it to be a little lower, said Mr. Dubé

– I’m sure we’ll succeed in breaking the wave. “I am in a constructive scenario,” says Mr. Dubé.

– With the graphics, we can see the power of reducing contacts. As soon as we find ourselves in a personal context, we respect less the two meters. If we reduce the number of contacts, that will make a difference. Even me, it helps to tell myself, this is the right thing to do, seeing the graphics, says Dr Arruda.

– By October 28, the government will decide whether it can remove certain measures, but that will depend on whether the trend remains on course. “We will not return to the normality of August, but we want to have some leeway,” says Mr. Dubé.

– Christian Dubé does not intend to prohibit presence in the workplace, while encouraging teleworking. “There has to be a balance”.

– Dr Arruda does not wish to return to confinement. Regarding attendance at work, certain measures should not be relaxed, such as washing your hands when arriving.

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