Presstalis placed in receivership, its regional subsidiaries liquidated

A newsstand reads “La Provence”, in Marseille, during the strike of the distributor Presstalis, May 13, 2020. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP

The commercial court of Paris placed Friday Presstalis, the first distributor of the French press, in receivership with continuation of activity, however liquidating its subsidiaries in regions which employ more than 500 employees, announced the management of the group in a press release .

“The Paris Commercial Court ruled today and decided to place Presstalis (…) in receivership, with a two-month observation period. He also pronounced the liquidation without continuation of activity of the companies SAD and Soprocom “, subsidiaries, said Presstalis management.

After weeks of discussions, daily newspapers and magazines failed to agree on a joint takeover of Presstalis. Finally, the daily newspapers therefore decided, alone, to propose a rescue plan to the commercial court, Tuesday, May 12, at 10 am.

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Led by Louis Dreyfus, president of the daily newspaper distribution cooperative (CDQ) and the board of directors of World, French daily newspapers, among which The echoes, Le Figaro, and The team, offered to take over 265 of the 910 employees that Presstalis has. In detail, 120 of the 209 posts at headquarters, and 150 of the 193 posts at the Bobigny platform, which manages the distribution of daily newspapers, would be preserved. On the other hand, none of the provincial depositaries would be taken over, an element certified by the commercial court, which ordered the liquidation of the subsidiaries in the regions.

“If publishers and the state do not take responsibility for saving the press distribution system, 512 jobs will be destroyed and as many workers will be thrown out of work!” This is unacceptable “, estimated, Thursday, the General Syndicate of the Book and written communication CGT, on the initiative of the social movement launched since Monday at depositaries and in several printing works.

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