Preview of the World Series: Astros, Nationals and the two value veterans


Curious scene taking place at Monday Minute Park. At a time when leading front offices foster a series of young and cheap players more than ever, the Houston Astros Nationals and Washington Nationals, two teams with a number of stars and a long list of contributors in their 30s, did work sessions in preparation for the World Series.

They are two of the four clubs in the major championships with the oldest players, and are four championships. They are staggering where others are falling, they are safe and they will play Game 1 on Tuesday.

“Our motto is,‘ Let the viejos play, '' says Sean Doolittle, 33 years of Nationalist age, using the Spanish word for an old man. “It is certainly a proud thing, as a group, that we are proud.”

In addition to sharing a spring training facility in West Palm Beach, Fla., This team has allocated substantial resources, guiding another trend that staff have relied more on shocks in recent years. And while they remain below the tax-free line – doubling a threshold as a de facto salary cap, four of the top 10 wage players will play in the league. They are all working well starting with bakers, two for each team, and they are all in their 30s.

The largest money was paid in the base of this season by Stephen Strasburg ($ 38.3 million) and Max Scherzer ($ 37.4 million), the game beginner 1. Zack Greinke had the third highest salary of Houston at $ 34.5 million and Justin Verlander had $ 28 million in succession. Strasburg 31 and Scherzer 35. Greinke has turned 36 on Monday and has Verlander 36.

Patrick Corbin, the third cog in the main troika of the national, passed 30 in July and signed a six-year, $ 140-million contract in the season. Gerrit Cole, 29, is the child of the group of six elite beginners in the league. The Astros' starter game has emerged similarly at the right time – before it meets a free agency after this season. He is expected to have a contract that will put him into a paycheck stratosphere to his colleagues.

The Astros received all three of the best starting trades. Verlander joined them during the 2017 season, which Houston limited to hit the League in the league, Cole landed before the start of last season and Greinke was three months ago. Yuli Gurriel is 35 years old at Houston at the first foot, All-Star Michael Brantley, 32 years of age, in the left pitch, and mid 30s curlers Martin Maldonado and Robinson Chirinos.

The potter Houston Astros delivers Zack Greinke against New York Yankees.

The Houston Astros potter, Zack Greinke, delivers against the New York Yankees in game 4 of the American League Championship League on October 17th.

(Getty Images)

These veterans contribute to the heart of site players who drafted and developed the Astros mostly, as they evolved through a consecutive 100 loss season at the start of the decade to their window. keep safe.

“I think our team got a lot of success,” said Alex Bregman, a third 25-year-old Astros age band and a most valuable candidate in the American League. “Everyone says‘ Oh, the Astros lost 100 game and then they drafted high. 'Well, they spent some money and made big acquisitions.'

The nationals were the oldest in the sailors this season. Of the 50 players who came in a game, 26 of them were at least 30 years old. They employ the oldest player in top-ball, relieve 42-year-old Fernando Rodney. The National Championship Series was Howie Kendrick, 35, MVP. Ryan Zimmerman, the first draft after he moved to Washington from Montreal in 2005, is 34 and is still producing. Mr. Sanchez, 35, and Gerardo Parra, 32, are credited with keeping the clubhouse loose.

Their experience was crucial when the Nationals joined in May 24 with a record 19-31. The team's championship window appeared to stop after four NL East titles this decade without a win to show the season's series.

The location of manager Dave Martinez was becoming uncomfortable. There was speculation on the sale of fire to begin reconstruction after the departure of Bryce Harper. Long eyes was the playoffs to achieve, not to remember the Series.

Everything seems so long ago. They were 74-38 during the last 112 to put wild games on board, put the Milwaukee Brewers out of the wild card game, put the Dodgers in the NL Division League, and only had four games to break the St. Louis Cardinals in the NLCS.

“The virtual presence in our clubhouse caused us to rectify the ship in May and to do so,” said Doolittle. “I don't know if there is a younger staff post.” T

The Nationalists were not, and as a result, playing for the first time in the history of the franchise. Staff across the organization are expected to be a lifetime, juggernaut 107 victory will go ahead for the second championship in three years. The paths were different, but the birth certificates are many.

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Monday's Sports Presentation showed that the assistant general manager, Brandon Taubman, went to a group of three female reporters, among the celebrations of Astros clubhouse after winning the ALCS. I'm so. . . glad we got Osuna! ”

The Astros traded for Roberton Osuna Toronto Blue in 2018 following his suspension for 75 games from his allegation that he had attacked his child's mother.

The Astros responded to a statement saying Osuna was being asked “about a difficult journey (he brought up two towns that were held to DJ Lekeahieu, DJ New York Yankees, in the ninth invention). … (Taubman's) belonged to the game story that happened and nothing else – they were not aimed at particular reporters. ”


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