Previously alluded to Bear Milk, now American Doctor Faheem Younus Comments on Lemon Water UC 1000 The current prolonged Covid-19 pandemic has drawn a lot of attention in the medical community.

Quoted from Worldmeter on Friday (9/7/2021) explained the data on the current surge in cases of Covid-19 patients in Indonesia, which has overtaken the second largest number in the world after India.

Not surprisingly, several doctors in the world also commented on the conditions in Indonesia.

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One of them is Faheem Younus, an American doctor and head of the Infectious Disease Clinic at the University of Maryland, USA.

Through his tweets on Twitter, Doctor Faheem Younus is the talk of the public world. Summarized from the information from Mind the people, Doctor Faheem Younus once commented on the panic buying of Indonesian people to buy Bear Brand milk.

This time he again gave a tease about Lemon Water UC 1000.

“This might be good.” wrote Doctor Faheem Younus on his Twitter account @FaheemYounus.

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