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Price cooking oil drops, Jokowi’s weapon really powerful?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Cooking oil prices have been observed to be declining in several regions. This came shortly after the policy to ban the export of crude palm oil (crude palm oil/ CPO) and a number of its derivative products.

According to the conclusion of CNBC Indonesia, cooking oil stocks fill the shelves of modern retail outlets at fairly reasonable prices. In Indogrosir Tangerang, shops hang price tags for various types of cooking oil in 2 liter packs.

In addition, a number of cooking oils were found at the Naga Swalayan outlet in Bekasi. The price was also discounted at almost Rp 5,000.

Meanwhile, in Bogor, the prices of well-known cooking oils such as Fortune and Sania were in the range of 25 thousand Rp / liter or 50 thousand / 2 Rp, which was reduced to 45 thousand / 2 Rp.

Earlier, the government officially banned the export of CPO and a number of its derivative products since Thursday (28/4/2022). In this case, President Joko Widodo urged awareness of the palm oil industry to prioritize and meet the domestic demand for cooking oil. He believes that with the existing production capacity, the domestic demand for cooking oil can be easily met.

Meanwhile, Palm Oil Farmers Union (SPKS) Secretary-General Mansuetus Darto said the price of palm oil at the farmer’s level had fallen.

“We have been monitoring since yesterday in several places. There have been several price drops of Rp 400 per kg (Sekadu West Kalimantan). And in Jambi around Rp 500 per kg. The solution to this problem is, there must be a record of the factory on behalf of the fruit-bearing farmer enters the factory, “said Darto as quoted Saturday (14/5/2022).

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