Prices for protective clothing needed by Latvian hospitals have increased

Grigorijs Semjonovs, a member of the Board of SIA “Daugavpils Regional Hospital”, revealed that the resources of the institution for an emergency have been identified, personal protective equipment has been purchased, and the demand for it on the market has grown significantly.

“We keep our hands on the pulse. I would not like to hurry,” Semyonov said, explaining that medical institutions are following the instructions of the Ministry of Health and the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (SPKC), and that the state will be involved in providing protective equipment.

According to the head of Daugavpils Hospital, in case of suspicion of the new virus, the staff will act in accordance with the guidelines in case of disasters, and they are repeated in the “five minutes” of the staff. In an emergency situation, it is possible to isolate one object for patients in the institution by rearranging the hospital services, but Semjonovs emphasized that all patients suspected of coronavirus are still being taken to Riga, and Daugavpils Hospital will be used only in an emergency.

Residents are not worried about “Covid-19”, and the head of the hospital pointed out that the mass media, which provides information about the necessary actions and the spread of the virus, also has great merit.

Lana Upīte, Executive Director of SIA “Balvu un Gulbenes slimnīcu yhdistība”, said that the institution had to wait for the delivery of protective equipment and disinfectants, moreover, their prices have also increased. However, funds have been provided, other hospital resources have been identified and the institution is following the instructions of the SPKC.

There is a separate building in Balvi on the territory of the Association of Diseases, where patients could be isolated if necessary. In order to inform the population about Balvi and Gulbene newspapers and municipal publications, the institution plans to prepare information on actions in case of suspicion.

Laura Sondore-Strode, a public relations specialist at Rēzekne Hospital, said that the institution had implemented a plan of measures in case of suspicion of a new coronavirus infection. According to her, staff have been trained and protective clothing has been purchased in accordance with the guidelines.

She assessed that the situation in the city is calm, and there is not much excitement among the population regarding Covid-19.

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The new coronavirus was first detected on December 31, 2019 in China. Since then, it has been registered in several dozen other countries. The source of the virus is not yet known. It does not have a vaccine and no special treatment, but a person can fully recover from it, explains the SPKC.

Signs of the virus include fever, cough, and difficulty breathing. Patients may have mild, moderate or severe illness.

Virus prevention measures are similar to other acute upper respiratory tract infections. Experts recommend washing your hands frequently, especially after contact with sick people or their surroundings, coughing and sneezing, using disposable wipes and then washing your hands.

The first case of the new coronavirus “Covid-19” was confirmed in Estonia on Thursday, and the infected person arrived in the country by bus from Riga, the Minister of Social Affairs Tanels Kiks announced.

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