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Primark announces opening in Prague! But it has a catch!

The popular chain Primark on its website is tempting to open a store in Prague on Wenceslas Square 47. However, it has not yet announced the date when the expected event should take place.

Earlier information suggests that the store should be officially opened in the second half of this year. It will also not be the only one in the Czech Republic, another should appear in Moravia later.

The advantage for Primark will be that in the Czech Republic, specifically in Bor u Tachova, it has been operating a distribution center since 2016, from which it serves stores in Germany and Austria, where thousands of shoppers from the Czech Republic usually went.

Primark offers clothes, shoes, but also household accessories, all at very low prices. The company achieves this thanks to low margins, a large volume of deliveries and low advertising costs.

The Irish textile brand has a literal cult position among some Czechs. There is a group “We want Primark in the Czech Republic” on the social network Facebook, which has thousands of members. The mentioned community organizes regular shopping trips to the branches just outside the Czech border.

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