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Prime Minister Støre summarizes the last six months – NRK Norway – News from different parts of the country

– The relationship between an individual and tax authorities is of a private and personal nature. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor) says this is an area where we should be a little careful in cutting everyone across the same comb in the way we should approach this.

Today, Støre held a summary press conference before the summer. Støre met the press at the government representation facility behind the Palace in central Oslo.

Støre however encouraged politicians to have the greatest possible degree of openness.

– Therefore, I do not want to stand here and say that all representatives of parliament and former members of government must now present this to the public. But I want to encourage the greatest possible degree of openness. I think this is very much about the confidence of politicians, says Støre.

Støre believes that having the opportunity to live both in Oslo and elsewhere in Norway requires openness and reasonableness.

– But I don’t want to use my index finger and order people to do it. Støre says it’s wise to open up.

– The fall will be demanding

Recently, people have experienced price increases, both for food and other goods and services. Yesterday, Norges Bank also raised interest rates by 0.5 percentage points.

The future of the loan may be more difficult for many Norwegians, according to the Prime Minister.

– The fall will require many people. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor) says Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor) says high prices, higher interest rates, and especially for people with previous bad advice.

– This is the great political challenge. Støre says: Prevent us from growing injustice.

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (Labor Party) says the autumn will be very demanding for many.

Smaller space for construction and transportation

Yesterday’s interest rate hike raises questions about the level of activity in the Norwegian economy.

In light of the EU’s confidence that Norway will continue to provide energy exports in the form of gas and oil, the Prime Minister stated that other parts of the activity must be reduced.

– If we must give them bad advice for eviction, we can not say that it is their homes that should be the main component. Then there are other parts of the Norwegian activity that must be looked at with new eyes, especially related to construction and transportation, he said.

He expressed that there are especially major construction projects characterized by cost cracks that can be eliminated.

That the EU emphasizes the value of Norwegian oil and gas was an important factor for Støre.

– Now the EU itself writes that Norwegian oil and gas have lower emissions. This underscores Norway’s close ties with Europe when it comes to energy. Støre says these are great opportunities for Norway.

Jonas Gahr Støre invited to a summer press conference

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre has announced that there may be further downgrade on Norwegian construction projects.

Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

It is difficult to find normal relations with Russia

Much of the problem in Norway comes from what is happening in the world, according to the Prime Minister, especially with the war in Ukraine.

Støre does not think there is much room for Norway to have a normal relationship with Russia as long as Putin is in power.

– It seems difficult. One country inflicts much suffering on another. Responsible management. The values ​​on which Russia is governed today, and totalitarian characteristics, make it very difficult, he said.

He did not like the weakened relations between Norway and Russia.

– Russia’s relations with Norway in the last 30 years are very difficult to imagine again, says Støre.

– There is noise sometimes

The Prime Minister acknowledged that the government was involved in several cases requested during the year.

Matters that were particularly demanding were many discussions on municipal boundaries. The Prime Minister challenged on his own leadership in these matters.

– This was an issue that was very important for the Center Party. Ruling when there are two parties requires having something to take and something to give. Now we’ve put a stop to it, he said.

The fact that Støre is putting a lid on new municipal solutions has already created reactions in Kommune-Norge and among local party colleagues. Støre admits that not everything was easy for the two parties to govern.

– There is noise sometimes. We are currently working to find a good solution between the Labor Party and the Socialist People’s Party, and then with SV.

Støre also commented on the Labor Party’s opinion poll, which has been declining recently.

– I would love to have other measures. I know that many people are frustrated by this, but that doesn’t concern me more than that this is a time where we have to take responsibility, says Støre.

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