Prince George celebrates his 8th birthday! Kate took the picture again, the reference to Prince Philip is touching!

The day before Prince George’s eightth birthday, his mother Kate Middelon published, as usual, a photograph of a smiling boy who increasingly resembles his father, Prince William. He is not only associated with his father with a wide smile and big teeth, but also with the fact that one day after another they will sit on the British royal throne one day.

Duchess Kate is known for her passion for photography, while her already professional performance is shown to the world in family photos. It mainly captures her branches, which they can look happy in front of their mother in the shots and especially very naturally. On the eve of his birthday, George’s parents posted an adorable photo of the celebrant on their official Instagram account, to which they wrote: “He’ll be eight tomorrow!”

This is how little George cheered for the English ftubal team from the bottom of his heart during the last European Championships:

In the photo, George has a striped shirt with a collar, smiles broadly, and sits on a Land Rover Defender, the type of car so much adored by his poor ancient father. It is the choice of this car as a still life and a photograph that can be considered a touching tribute to Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, whose type of car he drove on his last journey during the mourning ceremony. The shot was traditionally taken by the Duchess of Cambridge at one of the royal residences, Amner Hall in Norfolk. Originally, however, the parents allegedly did not want to publish a photo of their eldest son due to bullying on social networks. In the past, some users have not been able to forgive derogatory comments on the address of little George, or commented inappropriately on his appearance.

“There have been rumors that we may not see a photo of Prince George on the occasion of his eightth birthday, as they have been very upset by the rudeness of the people who make fun of the little seven-year-old boy, but I hope they can overcome it.” said Royal Biographer Angela Levin on British television’s Royal Royal TV. According to another expert, Robert Lacey, little George was reportedly only recently announced that he would one day become king. Even on the basis of his behavior during the finals of the European Championships, however, it can be said that the boy is already very mature and ready to represent the noble family into which he was born.

“It is believed that sometime around the boy’s seven birthday in the summer of 2020, his parents discussed with him in more detail what the little prince’s life will be in his future royal service and duties, and what it will involve.” written by Robert Lacey, author of Royal Literature, in a new, updated version of the book “Clash of the Brothers ». Lacey also added that the parents decided to explain the facts to the little boy before he learned it from the media or from other sources, from which he might find it more difficult to process. They did so on the basis of the experience of his father, Prince William, who as a child and youth suffered under the weight of responsibility for which no one had prepared him in advance.

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