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Prince William and Harry reveal how Prince Charles "programmed" them in their childhood

Prince William and Prince Harry reveal that their father forced them to pick up garbage during their holidays.

The Duke of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex spoke openly about their father's love of the environment, and followed him with a passionate speech on the subject in 1970.

But then they admitted with admiration that their father had "programmed" them to pick up the rubbish, pushing them further by asking them all to do the little pickup when they were on a children's vacation.

In the documentary Prince, Son and Heir: Charles, aged 70, Prince William said: "Plastics are coming out now, it's a very big subject and it was saying it already in 1970 – about our disposable culture . "

Harry and William observe their father in 1970

Prince Harry added, "He did a remarkable job and, without telling us what we should do or the direction in which we should go, he informed us of the nature of the work.

"I had used to get me off the micky to pick up trash … before you knew people would say, what are you going to do with that?" # 39;

"I do it because I'm programmed to do it, because my dad did it."

They were surprised while watching his talk

The Duke of Cambridge then said, "I think we were younger on vacation, in Norfolk.

"We both thought:" It's perfectly normal, "over there with your spades, stabbing the garbage."

The pair then revealed that it was a "sticky to have turned off the lights", and they inherited a similar obsession in their last

Prince Charles was then seen driving in his car, which was a hybrid fueled by electricity and "wine", although the Prince of Wales said he had done his best to make it with "cooking oil" rather than with alcohol. .

The two men joked about their father's obsession with the environment

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The couple also revealed how he was criticized for using planes when he was younger, but he "took it to heart" and did his best to continue without polluting his travels.

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