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Princes William and Harry are furious: Their mother used to be deceived!

Princes William and Harry on Thursday condemned BBC television and journalist Martin Bashir for talking to their mother, Princess Diana, after it turned out that Bashir had arranged a meeting with the princess in a fraudulent manner.

According to Prince William, this significantly influenced Diana’s statements and contributed to the end of his parents’ relationship. According to him, the failure of the BBC also significantly contributed to the fear, paranoia and isolation that Diana experienced in the last years of her life.

“A false narrative has been created that has benefited the BBC and others for more than a quarter of a century,” William said in a statement. His brother, Prince Harry, said the findings were the first step to justice and the revelation of the truth. According to him, the unfair practices of the media also played a role in the death of his mother and continue to this day.

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In a letter to the royal family, BBC television apologized for the interview. The apologies were directed mainly to Prince William, Harry, but also to Diana’s brother Charles Spencer. In addition, she decided to return all the awards she received for the Panorama program, which included an interview with Diana.


There has long been speculation about how Bashir persuaded Princess Diana to provide an interview that was watched by nearly 23 million people in 1995. An independent investigation recently found that Bashir deceived the princess by showing her fake bank statements paying her closest security associates to follow her every move.

The previously unknown Bashir later made a career in American television, where, for example, he also had an interview with singer Michael Jackson. He later returned to the BBC, but last week – just before the results of the investigation were published – he announced his departure, allegedly due to health problems.


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