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Princess Catherine is already behaving like a queen, the tension between her and Queen Kamilla is getting worse.

Queen Elizabeth’s funeral During the period, their content appeared more and more, which – elegantly avoiding the new royal party – discussed how the coronation of Prince Vilmos and Queen Catherine would be. But some have gone even further: content producers who present themselves as viewers, for example, also thought they knew that the color of the aura of the new Princess of Wales had already changed, it became more royal and powerful. It is difficult to verify if this is really the case, but it is certain that the tall, princely couple, dressed in royal regalia and in the prime of their lives, really presented a captivating sight to III. At the coronation of Charles. nonetheless, Catherine doesn’t have to be in special party clothes these days to indicate what kind of queen she will be when her husband ascends the throne.

Katalin’s clothes carry an important message

Online game Princess Catherine because it communicates in many other ways that the British monarchy – and thus his life – has entered a different phase. An important pillar of this is the change in his style, which has been noticed by a number of royal analysts recently. Although there are those who think that we should not focus more on Catherine’s clothes, but on her charitable and diplomatic role, these two things are in fact inseparable.

The Duchess and her team clearly create a fashion narrative from the Catherine outfit that frames and forms an integral part of her activities. From this point of view, one of the defining events of this year was when everyone wore red in the annual Trooping the Color ceremonial flag parade, only Katalin wore bright green.

At Trooping the Color this year, everyone wore red, except Princess Catherine – she wore green

Photo: Profimedia

Princess Catherine just shines in the most beautiful and darkest dress of her life

One of the reasons for this is that the Duchess became a colonel in the Irish Guards in March of this year, but it is also clear that she stood out from the others wearing green and attracted attention. Catherine also mostly wore bright colors at the Ascot Derby held every year in June. Meanwhile, other members of the royal family supported the contestants in restrained pastels, as the Duchess had done before.

The relationship with Kamilla can be strained

The choice of clothes is certainly not accidental: it indicates that the Princess of Wales is not the “middle manager” of the monarchy, known only by the nickname “The Company” of the royal family, but one of the decision makers are decisive. . Whether this clear statement is agreed upon is sensitive to the withdrawal of Spotlight III. And Károl, opinions are divided.

Princess Katalin’s appearance was stronger in previous years

Photo: Profimedia

From this point of view, it is also worth considering that, according to tradition, the monarch is one of the people who should stand out the most in the crowd, which is why Queen Elizabeth almost always wears bright colors. On the occasion of her last public appearance, moreover, the queen wore a dress of a color very similar to Catherine’s. Some believe that the Princess of Wales’ dress indicates a strained relationship with the relegated Queen Camilla.

nonetheless, others are of the opinion that putting the Duchess in the spotlight will secure the future of the monarchy and take a burden off the shoulders of the aging royal couple. One thing is certain, Catherine used to be praised by many because, unlike Princess Diana, she did not draw attention to her husband. On the other hand, his more powerful apparitions now draw the silhouette of a future queen who also supports Vilmos, but is more determined and brilliant.

7 moments where Princess Catherine evoked Princess Diana’s style

Diana’s mission is carried out by the new Princess of Wales

The silhouette plays an important role in other aspects as well. The cropped green dress worn on the occasion of Trooping the Color, along with the rare big hat that goes with it, evokes the already fashionable 80s and 90s, and in Some of Princess Diana’s iconic outfits call him From the beginning, Katalin regularly wears pieces that create a connection with Vilmos’ mother, thus linking the Duchess with another superstar, as well as an international symbol of compassion.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine at the coronation of King Charles

Photo: P van Katwijk/Getty Images

So it seems that Online game Princess Catherine the role of a caring angel with a kind smile will remain a defining part of his image in the long term. And this is complemented by the authoritative figure of the relatively new queen, who rises above the scandals with calmness and determination. An important element of the former is the campaign, which aims to create a more caring society. Katalin previously worked with charities focusing on addiction, homelessness and family breakdown, and about ten years ago she became interested in the later psychological effects of early childhood.

Princess Catherine’s miracle transformation: this is how much the Princess of Wales has changed in the last 20 years

His main activity now became to draw attention to the relationship that is now proven to be present between the most formative years of children and the development later in life. THERE Mental health and the protection of the most sensitive age group as the main force to strengthen the maternal characteristics of the image of the future British queen. Katalin typically arrives at these events in loose dresses or denim-blazer dresses that suggest she just dropped the kids off at school and then ran off to the venue. Exceptions are events that combine the characteristics of mother and queen: when the Duchess goes to negotiations, she usually arrives in a pantsuit, showing the face of a woman who intends to fight for a positive cause.

Catherine is tougher than we thought

The duality that has unfolded in the image of Catherine recently can be observed not only in the communication of the princess, but also in the tabloid media. Just a few days ago, for example, there were a lot of articles about the fact that the Princess of Wales regularly talks to Prince Harry on the phone. In this regard, more than one newspaper names him again as a key figure in a possible reconciliation.

This attitude of care is somewhat in accordance with the recent opinion widely held that it was the Duchess who invented the sly steel phrase that “memories can be different.” Among other things, the royal family responded to accusations of racism and discrimination with these words after Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey, and the idea was already attributed to the Queen’s circle. These contradictory elements of Catherine’s image may naturally fit together in the future. The main task is that when the Princess of Wales is crowned, the sophisticated coordination of the various roles will be routine work.

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