Princess Laurentien stands up for Eloise –

Princess Laurentien (54) and her daughter ‘countess fluencer’ Eloise differ considerably in some areas. The 54-year-old Dutch princess says this in an interview with LINDA magazine. In it she talks about her daughter and her son, but also about her own insecurities.

Laurentien, for example, tells extensively about the TikTok videos of her daughter. He regularly posts videos, including a video in which Laurentien and her husband, Prince Constantijn, can also be seen. Eloise does not care about negative reactions to this, but Laurentien, who says she has a different structure, does. “I know how mean and false people can be.”

Laurentien herself used to be less confident than her daughter Eloise is now. That is why she tries to give her children a lot of compliments, something that she herself experienced very little in the past. Laurentien was very insecure due to the lack of compliments. “As a result, I did my best for a while to mask that uncertainty, to the point of spasmodic.”

THE Hague – Eloise van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg at the dance event Free to Move in the Zuiderstrandtheater in The Hague. the children and the mother of princess laurentien Eloise and Leonore ROBIN UTRECHT The Hague – the children and the mother of princess laurentien Eloise and Leonore ROBIN UTRECHT

Son Claus-Casimir is also briefly discussed. He is now attending a boarding school in Scotland where Prince Charles also attended. For a long time the school was known for the Spartan regime, but according to Laurentien that is no longer the case. “It is so nice to experience how it blossoms there. Really special. ”

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