Prior to the landing, NASA astronauts were trained on how to live on the moon

AKURAT.CO, The moon is still a place that attracts the attention of many parties to be researched. This was proven when several countries wanted to travel there, one of which was the United States.

The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has a mission to send humans to the Moon in 2024. To prepare for the mission, one of the preparations made by NASA is to learn about life on the Moon.

Launching the official NASA page, Monday (16/9), currently astronauts are evaluating how to live on the Moon. They do the exercise at NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Lab at Johnson Space Center in Houston, United States.

In addition to the evaluation of survival, the astronaut team will be assigned to how they work on the Moon such as preparing habitats, collecting samples, and deploying experiments. In that evaluation, NASA astronauts wore weighted vests and backpacks to simulate travel on the Moon, which has one-sixth the gravity of Earth.

Astronauts Drew Feustel and Don Pettit are two of the astronauts who took part in the large pool exercise, one of the places used to train astronauts to walk aboard the International Space Station.


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