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Priscilla Angel, wife of the Reckless, cheeks exercising in leggins

  • Priscilla Angel looks radiant while exercising in leggins
  • The wife of the Reckless recommends product not to diet
  • “Avoid as much as possible the consumption of soft drinks, alcohol and flour,” he says in his account Instagram

Priscilla Angel, wife of the Reckless, Gustavo Angel, cheeks by showing a series of exercises sporting sexy leggins in a video he shared on his official Instagram account.

But more than showing a detailed routine, Priscilla Angel took the opportunity to recommend a product to avoid dieting.

The daredevil’s wife wrote: “After the cardiovascular exercise of your preference Take a few minutes to work your abdomen ???? Cheer up !!! And remember to drink 2 liters of water daily so that the root can function properly. ”

Priscilla Angel recommends taking 2 ganeem after breakfast, 1 piece of root (or your elv control capsule) after eating and your 10 to 15 drops of Eaukalin a day, “and we will next eliminate what you Body does not need”.

Priscilla wife of El Temerario

The daredevil’s wife, Gustavo Ángel concluded by saying that “with this product you do not need to diet, however, we recommend you for health and to see results faster avoid as much as possible the consumption of soft drinks, alcohol and flour.”

The video, which already has more than 10,000 reproductions, provoked reactions from its followers. To some of them, Priscilla Angel answered their doubts: “Hello, I am taking tejocote, but it is normal for my hands to swell”, to which the wife of the Reckless replied that if they buy it in their online store “whenever they need it they have advice via direct message in @tejocoteoriginal ”.

On the other hand, another Internet user sent him “health and blessings” and asked if the product gives diarrhea. Priscilla Angel replied: “Hello, if it can give you a few days especially in the bowel cleansing process that is at the beginning, but not everyone gives it, so it is important to drink enough water and take the Eaukalin that gives them potassium sodium calcium and magnesium ???? ”.

The daredevil’s wife answered one more question, as one user asked her what the difference is between Elv control and the root: “Elv contains, in addition to the root, green tea and spirulina, but this is recommended until after taking a minimum 2 small bottles of root because you can feel it a little strong to start. ”


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Hours earlier, Priscilla Angel uploaded to her official Instagram account an image of a little girl with the phrase “Girls do not touch, do not rape and do not kill themselves,” which caused many signs of support.

“Of course neither are the children. No one at any age should be violated, hurt … on the contrary, we should ALL be treated with love and respect from our mother’s womb until our death. ”

The daredevil’s wife continues: “And I also believe that everyone as a society should contribute to this becoming a reality, from our family, educating our children and teaching them our Faith and our values ​​and also looking for ways to cooperate by giving our time. and resources to help those who need it. ”

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