Friday, 14 Dec 2018

Prisoners keep their noses clean using the yoga breathing technique

Prisoners keep their noses clean by adopting a yoga breathing technique.

Nadi Shodhana involves placing your thumb on one nostril while drawing air through the other – then placing one finger on that nostril while exhaling through the other.

Prisoners were told that it could help relieve headaches and "channel energies". It is taught with yoga movements and meditation in the Phoenix Trust Charity Course, which operates in 80 prisons.

Experts say it's "like a spring cleaning for your interiors". This can help latecomers to comply – and go out early for good behavior.

The charity said, "She uses the breath to balance our inner energy called chi in Chinese medicine, or prana in yoga.

Experts describe it as "like a spring cleaning for your interiors"

"This is related to the Western concept of biorhythms, which describes how our energy goes from times when we want to do physical activities, such as gym training, to times when we feel more like mental tasks, such as writing or doing other things. Sudoku. .

"Alternate nostril breathing will support your meditation and relaxation – and your day in general – by balancing physical and intellectual energies, slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure so you feel calm and focused.

A newsletter warns latecomers not to try if they have a cold. Some quirky have described the courses as "fantastic". And a prison worker said, "It may seem a bit strange, but if it calms them, everyone will benefit."

Hillary Clinton is one of the celebrity fans. She said it helped her lose to her American rival Donald Trump.

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