PROEN sets a record 200% above the reservation, the SET believes in technology stocks in the distant future.

Technology stocks Red Label Pro Encorp PCL (PROEN) to trade in mai on the first day, showing impressive form. Record opening 200% above the reserve price, compared to the IPO price of 3.25 baht / share, “Kittipun Sribua Iam” CEO stated, continuing to expand the data center area at full speed to support the demand for the market. Receiving positive results from the COVID-19 crisis Flag to add new business services to the New S-Curve, including Cloud Service, enterprise-class Internet connectivity, SD-WAN and cybersecurity systems. To increase the channel to generate regular income Support the ability to make more profit Drive exponential growth Continuously generating good returns to shareholders

Mr. Kittiphan Sribuaiam, Chief Executive Officer of Pro Encorp Public Company Limited (PROEN), revealed that the Company’s shares were traded on the Market for Alternative Investment (mai) in the technology business group on April 29, 2021. First, it appears that the share price can be traded above the subscription price impressively. It opened for trading at 9.75 baht, an increase of 6.50 baht or 200% from the IPO price of 3.25 baht per share, reflecting investor confidence in the company. As a leader in the complete Internet Data Center business and the first to trade in technology. Which has strong fundamentals It has an average annual income growth rate of 20% and has the ability to make a gross profit of 15%.

While the technology industry is growing rapidly. Moreover, it was able to grow well amid the economic crisis which was positively impacted by the coronavirus situation. Due to the behavior of living in a New Normal model, online business Is growing rapidly As a result, the demand for more data center space is expected to be a supporting factor in the overall direction of business operations as well.

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“Thank you shareholders And investors who warmly welcome PROEN, the team and management are ready to expand the business as planned. To create opportunities for growth in the future In 3-5 years from now, the company will accelerate the expansion of the DATA Center service area by approximately 3,000 square meters while expanding in the New S-Curve business, including Cloud Service, welding technology. Towards enterprise-grade Internet, SD-WAN and cybersecurity This is where I view it as a business trend in the future. That entrepreneurs in every industry are beginning to see and give importance to And have turned to use more services This group of customers is not only domestically, but also to the ASEAN customers that PROEN aims to make as a customer segment in the near future. ”Mr. Kittiphan Finally said

Ms. Suwimol Srisophajit Assistant Managing Director Asia Plus Advisory Co., Ltd., as PROEN’s financial advisor, said that PROEN’s first day of trading had been a lively response. Because the company has strong fundamentals. It’s in the tech industry that’s on the rise Is a company that offers a full range of services It is managed under a team that has more than 20 years of experience with a service that is a form of One Stop Service, making customers use the service continuously for the long term This is a good starting point for the company. Will use the proceeds from the funding to expand the business Increase your strength to support exponential growth. And most importantly, PROEN has the qualifications to be a Growth Stock that can generate good returns for investors in the future. Coupled with the ability to grow strong and stable

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