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Promising statement from the professor whose virus treatment is finished

by drbyos


Professor recently retired from Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa- Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Dr. Hidayet Sarı caught the coronavirus 21 days ago. Professor 68, who started to receive treatment at Biruni Hospital about 10 days ago. Dr. Sarı was discharged 2 days ago. Spouse Dr. Saying that Nil Sarı is also in intensive care with coronavirus diagnosis. Dr. Sarı thanked the healthcare workers of the hospital where he was treated with his wife and shared a video to hope for other coronavirus patients. Professor said that the treatment is absolutely successful. Dr. In the video he shared, Sarı said:

“My dear brothers, I am Prof. Dr. Hidayet Sarı, a 68-year-old physician. Unfortunately, I was infected with Covid-19 disease 21 days ago, and I was examined and treated at Biruni University 10-12 days ago. I am trying to maintain my healthy life. Since my wife’s lung had previously had minor problems, she went to the intensive care unit, but the news we received from her was awakened and conscious. The hospital care has been very high quality, so I would like to thank Prof. Dr. Adnan Yuksel, who founded this university, and especially our Mahir Teacher.


Asks healthcare professionals to take care of themselves and keep their morale high. Dr. Sarı continued his speech as follows:

“Let them keep their morale high, continue their treatment. I wish them strength to strengthen with the prayers they receive from the patients who get better. Please bless them well. If our health sector survives, our patients can improve. I ask them to take a rest and ask them to gather strength and energy. I see that the observation I see there is that our healthcare professionals are also in great trouble and stress. I saw that they are smoking too. Let them chat and stay away from each other, do not get sick, I congratulate them all separately and say that the treatment was successful. I am 67-68 years old. My uncle, my wife is also in these neighborhoods. I shoot with Hasan Sarı. I wish you all healthy, happy days. “


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