Tuesday, 11 Dec 2018

Prosecutor files investigation against Gustavo Petro

The Attorney General’s Office reported Thursday that it shelved the investigation that was being conducted against the former mayor of Bogotá Gustavo Petro, and the ex-manager of the energy company of Bogotá, Sandra Stella Fonseca, plus eight members of the board of directors of that entity, for the repurchase of a portion of the international gas transporter (TGI) during his term as mayor of the capital.

The investigating body could establish that the valuation made of the actions of the TGI from the mayor’s office of Petro was appropriate and as for a possible payment of dividends, no evidence of this was found.

It was not found in the investigation that the dividends of 2013 for 130 million pesos that corresponded to the shareholder IELAH Spain, the investment company from which the TGI share package was purchased, were double-paid.

It is worth remembering that the investigation revolved around allegations of alleged appropriation of public resources by the members of the Boards of Directors of the Energy Company of Bogotá (EEB SA ESP) and the TGI International Gas Transporter, about the purchase of the 31.92% of the TGI shareholding for 880 million dollars to the company Inversiones en Energía Latino America Holdings IELAH Spain.

This operation was carried out in March 2014, with the authorization of Petro and the rest of the defendants.

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