Prospective husbands return to ex-girlfriends, this girl’s pre-wedding photos alone page all

KUALA LUMPUR, – A girl in Malaysia decided to keep doing pre-wedding photos, even though her future husband canceled the wedding.

After investigating, it turns out that the man ended his relationship with his future wife, Jannah, to get back with his ex.

Launch World of Buzz, Jannah was originally married on February 28, 2021.

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He has also contacted his photo shoot service, Bro Sayap (Nura Qalbi Photo) about the concept he wanted.

However, just two days before the D-day or February 26th, Jannah told her photographer, Faris, that her marriage was canceled.

Even so, Jannah did not cancel her pre-wedding photo session that ended up like this.

Faris said, Jannah’s fiance broke up with her to get back with her ex.

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Faris then said, Jannah remained calm and strong in facing her ordeal.

“We can plan, but in the end God will decide,” said Faris World of Buzz.

“Let this be a lesson for everyone to always respect their partner,” continued Faris. already contacted Bro Wings, but he has removed the photo from social media and did not allow it to be uploaded to the media.

Facebook netizens also encouraged Jannah, and prayed that she would get a better husband.

They also praised him for his perseverance in the face of trials.

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