Protests in Belarus. The policeman knocked out the woman

A frightening recording of one of the protests in Belarus was published by the independent Belarusian portal It shows how one of the prominent policemen who were betting on the protest in Żodzina hits the face of a peaceful protesting demonstrator with all his might. He does it with such force that the woman falls to the ground. Participants of the demonstration rush to defend it and knock down the officer. Eventually, the man’s friends pick him up from the ground and take him to a militia van.

What provoked the policeman to such a brutal reaction? The inscription on the banner that this petite citizen was carrying, or the fact that she was recording with the phone of public officials? Either way, he had no right to use brute force against an unarmed person who had done nothing wrong. The video hit the web and caused great outrage at the behavior of Belarusian services. In the background of the recording you can also hear shouts of “shame!” See it with your own eyes:

Protests in Belarus

Sunday was the 36th day of protests by opponents of President Alyaksandr Lukashenka in Belarus. Opposition Heroes’ March was held in Minsk and other cities. Tens of thousands of people took part in peaceful protests across the country. According to the local media reports, militiamen brutally dispersed the protesters and the local residents they opened staircases so that demonstrators could take refuge in them. Military troops, including armored vehicles, also appeared in Minsk.

As reported in Monday’s Ministry of Internal Affairs announcement, during Sunday protests in Belarus 774 people were detained, including over 500 in Minsk. According to the independent Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAŻ), 9 journalists were detained and not released. Of the total number of detainees, 544 are still in custody awaiting trials for participating in “illegal actions”. The Ministry of the Interior claims that it has taken steps to “maintain order and ensure public safety”.

(source:, PAP)

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