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Proud to be a Lion, Samy Mmaee aspires to take a new step

The central defender, Samy Mmaee was the discovery but also the satisfaction of the last gathering of the Atlas Lions in early October.

International Imp, the central defender of Saint Trond finally opted for the den and the Atlas Lions which he represented for the first time against Senegal.

In an interview with the blog Marocfoottalk, Samy Mmaee returned to his first with the Lions, the reasons for his final choice and also his aborted transfer to Saint-Etienne.

From a Cameroonian father and a Moroccan mother, Samy felt a lot of pride but also honor by wearing the Morocco jersey. “When you come into the field, with the Morocco jersey and hear the anthem of your country, it does somethingI immediately thought of my mother whom I wanted to make even more proud.”

And to add: “This choice is really a choice of the heart. It was for my mother. She was the one who took care of me and my brothers until today. I wanted to make her proud. She gave everything for us. It is also thanks to her that I am here.

Now a Moroccan international at 24, Samy aspires to take a further step in his career by joining a championship and a slightly more upscale club. “The objective is to take a step forward. Why not a club of the 5 major championships, settle there. For now, I am focused with my club but if there is an opportunity for me to pass a milestone, I will pass it.

and specify: “There was contact with Saint-Etienne, but it was at the last minute. It was complicated. They failed to finalize all of this on time. ”

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