August 25, 2019

Newsy Today

Ps Bumps are 'Fallen'; by Angel ‘Good Boys’ from his Box Office Leader

Mike Banning may have fallen out of favor as Secret Service agent in the third installment of Gerard Butler's “Fallen” series, but not in the eyes of a domestic audience.

Lionsgate and the Millennium “Angel Has Fallen,” met the full-action political thriller, first at the box office on the open weekend, completing around $ 21.3 million in the US and Canada. He gave almost the same amount as the preliminary report, “London Has Fallen,” he made when he opened in 2016, making about $ 21.6 million in ticket sales. The first film of the series, “Olympus has Fallen,” earned $ 30.3 million over its open weekend in 2013.

In the film, Butler puts his role as Banning in the act of Secret Service agent, who, despite defending the president against terrorist attacks in the preceding installments, attributed him to a curator of the new commander (Morgan Freeman). ).

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“Angel” did not get the hottest reviews from critics (there is only a 39 per cent rating on the Rotten Tomatoes). But his great gang, including Jada Pinkett Smith and Nick Nolte, who loves him, probably helped his audience. According to Comscore, which compiles box office data, the film had an even stronger weekend than expected.