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PS4, PS4 Pro: games and accessories for good start

At the forefront of the gaming console market, the PlayStation 4 is now emerging in a full range based on a catalog of immense experiences. There is even virtual reality in the program. But how to get into the Sony universe in 2018? Do not panic, we guide you.

Like the Xbox One, the PS4 is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Five years during which Sony’s console reigned supreme. Thanks to a very game-oriented architecture, a successful launch, a controlled communication end-to-end (which was not the case with the PS3) and a catalog of exclusives varied and qualitative, the PS4 breaks records and continues to sell like hotcakes. Pushing back the deadline of the PS5 .

As a bonus, the Japanese machine has the luxury of being the only one to offer virtual reality with the addition of the PlayStation VR headset. Having already been treated to a facelift with a declination Slim has never been so named, the PS4 is also part of a range in favor of a more powerful Pro model and in line with current standards.

Because the PlayStation 4 is a console very well installed on the shelves, we help you make the right choices in terms of accessories and games.

PS4 or PS4 Pro?

PS4 or PS4 Pro? This is a real dilemma that arises. Especially since the difference in price is not as marked, in comparison, as between an Xbox One S and Xbox One X. But, again, everything is a question of equipment: a PS4 is largely sufficient with a 1080p TV while a Pro is justified without problem in a 4K environment.


Passed below 300 euros, the PS4 is an excellent value for money: a mature product with a simple interface and the bare necessities to play. If it does not have a UHD player, it is still compatible HDR. His strong point? A catalog of games like no other. Its weakness, which can be relativised, compared to the competition? She is less comfortable in multimedia.

PS4 Pro

More powerful – and uglier – but equally noisy, the PlayStation 4 Pro represents the top of the basket at Sony. Like her big sister, she is not the best at multimedia (she does not even read UHD discs while the PS3 was a great standard bearer for Blu-ray), but holds the rope when it comes to properly display the games. Without promising the native 4K, the PS4 Pro manages to put some visual baffes. And it costs only 100 euros more than a standard version.

Station at the official controller

Official DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 is certainly not the highlight of the PlayStation 4, although things have improved greatly since the launch in November 2013. At the time, we could find photos of the controller with sticks very damaged. Sony has reviewed its copy since, despite quality, finish and ergonomics still far below the competition. But still, it is difficult to recommend anything else in this price range, unofficial solutions being even worse off. To highlight the choice in terms of colors.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 2

The alternative, more expensive, is called the Pro Revolution Controller. It is designed by Nacon and stands out as an excellent pad for demanding players – even if you prefer asymmetric sticks (like on Xbox controllers) and do not be allergic to the wire. Otherwise, you can customize the weight and configure various profiles through a dedicated software. Compared to the first generation, the second brings the USB-C port.

Essential accessories (or not)

PlayStation Plus subscription

The essential subscription

The Playtation Plus is quickly indispensable for anyone who wants to enjoy their PS4. It is mandatory to play online, allows you to benefit from additional discounts on the PlayStation Store and to benefit from a storage space in the cloud (10 GB). Finally, each month, Sony offers a selection of games to its Premium members. It’s not always Byzantium, but sometimes the builder looses some really big games.

The official headphones

In certain situations, a helmet proves essential. This is specifically the case when one is used to organizing nocturnal sessions likely to harm others. For those interested, Sony sells its own accessories, the Gold version is wireless and simulates a 7.1 rendering. It even has a companion app that allows you to choose different modes suitable for different genres. Small bonus: its comfort perfectly matches that of the PlayStation VR.

The PlayStation VR

VR made easy

This is a luxury accessory that costs as much as a normal PlayStation 4 but can interest those who want to see the video game from a different angle. Far from offering the most beautiful VR experience (the HTC Vive does better, but at a different price), the PlayStation VR is distinguished by its side plug’n’play and its flawless ergonomics. A purchase that can be reflected and justified more and more as games, say applications, flood the online store. There is food and drink, but, for example, you can play Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in virtual reality. Chills and immersion guaranteed.

Note that it would be better to add a PlayStation Move duo to the PlayStation VR, increasing the final bill a little more. It is said and repeated: virtual reality is still a luxury today. Whether on PS4 or elsewhere.

What games do I need to buy at all costs?

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Franchise born on PlayStation 3, Uncharted did nothing but take episode episode. And while it was thought transcended once and for all with the third opus released on the previous generation, Naughty Dog decided to make it a tetralogy and conclude it in beauty. Touching, entertaining and flawlessly beautiful, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is all but a consequence of too much. This is the conclusion that marks the minds. Once and for all.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

After a series of FPS at best correct, Guerrilla Games has crossed a sacred course with Horizon: Zero Dawn , a new license that asserts entry into the catalog of the PS4. Sublime visually (showcase for the HDR) and relatively well written for an open world game, the adventure of the heroine Aloy is unavoidable.

God of War

Fans of the PlayStation brand know well God of War . We are talking about a series born on PlayStation 2 more than ten years ago. On PS4, the charismatic Kratos begins a second chapter of his career: after emptying Olympus, he wants to roll his hump in the Nordic mythology. Never quiet, he embarks, accompanied by his son, for yet another trip away from all rest. A true masterpiece that succeeds everything he undertakes.

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