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PS5 and Xbox Series X will not automatically guarantee 60fps

SS5 is Xbox Series X will not automatically guarantee i 60fpsdespite their greater power than PS4 and Xbox One. To say it was Sergey Oganesyan of Frogwares. According to him, 60fps will not necessarily be the standard of the two new consoles and, especially the small development studios, will still have to choose between resolution and framerate:

I believe more and more developers will offer the choice between resolution and framerate. Personally, I hope 60fps will become standard, but optimization isn’t easy, especially for smaller studios.

Oganesyan went on to say that we can still expect a lot: “We can definitely expect things like textures better, better framerate, better lighting, faster loading times, larger maps, more detailed environments, which is really a lot and the improvements will be more than evident.

Obviously his is a speech of mere common sense: the 60fps depend on the resources that a studio can employ for theoptimization and they are not an implicit feature of consoles. It seems a very simple concept to understand, but strangely for many it is not very clear.

Before leaving, we remind you that if you want to get a taste of next-gen you just have to watch the presentation of the third party games of the Xbox Series X on May 7th.

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