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PS5 | Burger King shows off the official PlayStation 5 box through a TV ad

Burger King has been commissioned to show for the first time the official box of PS5 that we will see in stores starting this November. Identical to the one displayed in digital stores at the time of booking, now we can do a more approximate idea of ​​how it will be in real size.

We are facing a 15-second TV commercial which comes to remember, precisely, the promotion that the North American fast food restaurant chain will carry out together with Sony, where among other gifts related to PS5 video games 1,000 consoles will be offered to raffle among customers of the chain.

They recreate the moment that many North American residents will live in the next few weeks, given that they will get a completely free PS5 unit with disc player just for buying a $ 5 menu if they are among the lucky ones. It should be remembered that the box of PS5 with disc reader will be white, but that of PS5 Digital Edition will be black; in this article we already saw thatWhat will we find inside the console box when it hits the market.

PS5 will go on sale in Spain on November 19; unveiled interface

The launch of the console will occur this November 19th in Europe with two models, PS5 Y PS5 Digital Edition by 499 euros Y 399 euros, respectively (a week earlier in the United States, Mexico and Japan). For that day it will be accompanied by titles such as Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon’s Souls, Destruction AllStars Y Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

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This week we have thoroughly known the PS5 interface, an aesthetic renovation that will seek to offer a more modern and versatile experience than what has been seen on PS3 and PS4. Also, we have updated this list with all launch games confirmed for PlayStation 5.

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