PS5 | Returnal Presale is available on PlayStation Store for its soon release on PlayStation 5

PlayStation Store in Chile comes with new offers for consumers of the new PlayStation 5. 2021 seems to bring with it new quarantines as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and video games are not oblivious to people’s need for leisure. Along these lines, the pre-sale of “Returnal” is now available in its Standard Edition and Deluxe Digital Edition.

The title combines explosiveness, roguelike elements, and a cinematic narrative to create a dark sci-fi action thriller.. Selene is the protagonist of the game; an ASTRA space explorer. On an unofficial trip he suffers an accident and must fight for his survival.

The new features of the latest PlayStation console allow a variety of options for immersion in history. Hear the action from multiple directions, switch between shooting modes with a single adaptive trigger, and achieve near-instantaneous load speeds.

The Standard and Digital Deluxe Edition of “Returnal” are now available in PlayStation Store Chile, at 51 thousand and 57 thousand pesos respectively. While the Standard Edition includes the set and two outfits for Selene, the Digital Deluxe also comes with an adrenaline booster, electrostatic booster, digital soundtrack, void search, reflex stimulant and pulsing mass.

The game will be released on April 30 worldwide.


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