PSG Real Madrid. "Gueye? It's a machine, "says Thomas Tuchel


Wednesday night at the Parc des Princes, PSG has largely won in front of Real Madrid (3-0), on the first day of the Champions League. Thomas Tuchel is a happy coach who immediately warned with humor and a smile: "If anyone asks me if PSG can win the Champions League after this match, I leave and I do not answer any questions ! "

How do you explain the metamorphosis between PSG matches in the league and that of Wednesday night against Real Madrid?

THOMAS TUCHEL. The circumstances are different. If we are always disappointed, it is because our expectations are too high. I saw a lot of good things in Ligue 1, not to concede goals like this Wednesday night. We need time to improve. It's never easy. There, it was necessary to have a very very high level. It was really a team performance, complete. We are happy. I watch the team every day, the players are ready to improve. We can not show it every three days.

Is the difference with last season in the team's potential? Neymar, Mbappé and Cavani were missing …

The pressure for others was not too great. It can also help because we were not favorites without Neymar, Kylian, Edi. It helps to not feel too much pressure. But we can not play without the three. In a few games, it will be possible to provide team effort. We have gained personality. This is the first game but we need all the players. It was difficult to find 16 players today. Competition is important.

Is Idrissa Gueye the missing player on your team?

Of course ! We fought a lot to buy this player. It's a machine. He never stops running, recovering the ball. Against Real, it's super important. The middle three were very strong, with a good mix of intensity and possession. They are really tired.

Did Di Maria surprise you?

We are not surprised. For a year, he shows. It was exceptional this Wednesday night. The quality of his left foot is extraordinary. His stats with us are fantastic. He is always dangerous. He was humble, closed the side of Carjaval, he slid with Bernat. It was a good couple left side. He took his responsibilities and he scored.

Is it a matter of intensity, as Zinedine Zidane said?

I only prefer to talk about ourselves, not Real. Win against Real is always difficult. It's a top level team. It also takes luck to win, that Bale touches the ball with the hand even if, in the end, we deserved to win. We played with more intensity than them but it was hard for us. But it was at the Park, with the atmosphere, the fans, the first goal. We can not forget that.


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