Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Psychiatrist: Percentage of mental illness among Egyptians reaches For 7% .. Video

Nahi Sabri, head of the research unit at the General Secretariat of Mental Health, professor of psychiatry at Cairo University, said there was a state of confusion between mental illnesses and grief.

The scale of public health determines the extent of disorders or psychological symptoms that do not amount to diagnosis of depression or schizophrenia, and the global scale was used to examine the psychological and neurological condition to measure the mental illness rate among Egyptians estimated at 7%, while the 25% of those who have symptoms Psychological.

“The mood disorders are emotional disturbances, which are divided into emotional distress and severe depression, which is a very difficult disease that can cause a disability,” said Noha Sabri in her interview with media reporter Mustafa Bakri.

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