Psychics found guilty of killing a woman near Serpukhov

In the city she came to be treated for alcohol addiction.


Feb 22, 2020.
/ LIVE24 /.

The family of a girl from Podolsk, whose body was found by law enforcement officers in the Oka River near Serpukhov, turned to psychics for help. The young woman died 2 years ago, and the killers have not yet been found.

The investigation established that the girl left home in Podolsk and went to Serpukhov, where she spent two weeks in a hotel. The cause of death is known – a woman was strangled. Why the lady went to Serpukhov and what are the motives for the murder is unknown.

To begin with, psychics thoroughly examined the house of the deceased’s family and walked along the girl’s path. It is possible that a woman came to Serpukhov to be treated for alcohol dependence. This version was also confirmed by relatives, saying that their relative loved to drink.

The assassin attacked the victim near the Vysotsky Monastery, at the boat station. Perhaps the girl wanted to sit by the water, at that moment an unknown attacked her. Psychics are sure that the main target was ordinary robbery, and the killer himself was a drug addict.


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