Psychological thriller Twin Mirror from Dontnod will be released December 1 – Gaming – News

Twin Mirror will be released on December 1 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store for PC. The psychological thriller was created by Dontnod, the French studio known for Life is Strange. The creators show a new gameplay trailer.

Twin Mirror is about the former investigative journalist Sam Higgs, who according to the makers has developed ‘multiple analytical skills’. They are represented in the game by the Mind Palace, a place where players will discover multiple aspects of Sam’s personality. Here players can dive into the protagonist’s past and see memories in flashbacks.

When confronted by dramatic events from the past, Sam gradually loses control of himself. This is where the Double comes into play. That’s a character that only Sam can see and turns out to be an ally he can rely on. Tweakers published one during gamescom 2018 preview van Twin Mirror.

The game can be pre-ordered in the Epic Games Store for 28 euros. Publisher Bandai Namco has announced the release date. The psychological thriller was created by Dontnod in collaboration with Shibuya Productions. It is the first game that the studio makes on its own initiative and has it published. Other Dontnod games, such as Life is Strange and Tell me Why, were published by Square Enix.

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