Psychologists can no longer cope with it: “Waiting lists are even closed due to an abundance of applications”

Even before the corona crisis started, more and more people found their way to a psychologist. “That in itself is good news,” says Lowet. “The taboo to seek professional help is diminishing.” Psychologists already had more patients, but the corona crisis is making that number rise much faster. “We see that a lot of people now want to catch up with the care they have been postponing in recent months,” explains the chairman of the Flemish Association for Clinical Psychologists. “The waiting lists for many colleagues are therefore only getting longer, to the point that waiting lists are now even closed en masse. That is unique. You have to think that a psychologist will not close his waiting list before you have a waiting period of one year. That means that many colleagues cannot offer their patients a perspective for more than a year. “

Bad news for patients who may need urgent help. Koen Lowet agrees. “People can still contact telephone helplines or their general practitioner. We see that a lot of people now visit the latter. But of course that is also added for general practitioners. They were also over questioned during this period.”

Listen here to the interview with Koen Lowet and then read on:

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