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Public libraries are increasing the digital collection to meet the demand

Les public libraries they increase theirs digital collection to meet the increasing demand coinciding with the confinement of the population due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Department of Culture reported on Friday that the number of documents accessible from eBiblioCat, the digital library of public libraries in Catalonia, had increased.

In addition to the increase in 120,000 euros for the acquisition of more licenses For e-book lending, new collections of cultural interest have been added, reinforcing the topics most currently in demand by users.

One of the resources incorporated is Digitalia Film Library, a live library and documentary platform for libraries, which includes 1,080 titles, of which 411 are documentaries and 669 are films or series: author cinema, classic cinema, 52 film. countries and 42 different languages ​​from all over the world. Queries have no viewing limits for users of public libraries.

Underground and Independent Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels brings to the reader more than 3,000 comics, comics, and graphic novels from the independent American publishing world from the 1940’s to the present. the ‘pulp’ series of the 40’s and 50’s.

The Hamaca online platform allows you to view current and historical, national and international video productions of the most important artists who have worked since the 70’s to the present, with a high percentage of Catalan video artists.

SIRS Issues Researcher, an educational portal dedicated to the world of education, contains content specifically for high school students, college students, teachers and librarians, which covers topics to understand and analyze more than 360 complex social issues with overview, questions essentials, views, and primary and secondary sources.

EBiblioCat The offer is completed with the heads of the daily digital distribution for public libraries: La Vanguardia (Catalan and Spanish), El Pais and Cinco Dias Mundo Deportivo.

Currently, eBiblioCat includes more than 100,000 references, including 7,500 e-book titles, 219 audiobooks, 4,000 films or 4,000 titles from different platforms – eFilm (classic and commercial cinema) and Digitalia Film Library (classic cinema, author from around the world, documentaries) –


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