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Public transport tested by the coronavirus

by drbyos

Metro and train traffic has not declined. But RATP and SNCF are preparing for stage 3 of the epidemic where restrictions are possible.

Users wear protective masks in the Paris metro.
Users wear protective masks in the Paris metro. Delphine Goldsztejn / PHOTOPQR / LE PARISIEN / MAXPPP

What if public transport were blocked for lack of personnel? Or if they were neglected by travelers afraid of contracting the disease in these places with a lot of traffic? For the moment, this dark scenario is fiction. But the companies that run trains, metros, trams are forced to work on this assumption just in case.

Especially at the RATP which acknowledged Wednesday evening to have in its ranks a first sick employee. “A station officer on metro line 6 was hospitalized after being contaminated during a private stay in an identified home of the coronavirus. A stay which took place the week preceding his resumption of service. Today she is better“, We explain to the authority, who immediately informed the ten colleagues of the infected person with whom she was in contact and reported their case to occupational medicine.

The ARS (Regional Health Agency), which was to decide, decided not to place these collaborators

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