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Puerto Rican sister who murdered her family and then took her own life in Orlando suggests she was depressed

Orlando – The sister of Ezequiel Almodóvar, the Puerto Rican Customs agent who deprived himself of life after murder his wife and two children in Orlando, suggested that the man had some mental health condition.

Gloria Almodóvar publicly questioned that no one paid attention to the signals he could have expressed.

It’s sad that people judge or have something to say, but did you try to help? Did you hear or see the signs? Did you care enough? Take care of your own affairs if you are only commenting negatively. Mental illnesses and depression are real and nobody cares that something like what happened to my family happens”, Said Almodóvar, in a comment he posted on his Facebook page.

“I want to let you know something: if you didn’t know my brother and how much he loved his family, then keep any negative comments for you. He was the best man and father I have ever met and I wish I had told him that so he would know how much I loved him. I can’t breathe right now and my heart hurts a lot for him and his family. I will miss my nephews and Gabriel with a silly little smile. Ariel (Ezekiel) being so tall and so good at basketball. I don’t understand WHY? ”Added the woman who lives in Chicago Illinois along with the rest of the agent’s family.

A week ago, coworkers in the Orlando International Airport they didn’t see Ezekiel “Zeke” Almodóvar, 39.

Meanwhile, neighbors and friends did not know about his wife -Marielis Soto, stylist, a native of Bayamón and 38 years old- and her two teenage children, Ezequiel Ariel Almodóvar, 16 years old and Gabriel Almodóvar 12 years old.

Faced with this situation, police officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s office arrived Thursday at the Almodóvar-Soto family’s home in Orlando. As no one answered, the officers forced entry and stumbled upon the terrible scene. Until the moment, the authorities have not validated whether the tragedy occurred on Thursday or previously.

The Orange County Sheriff previously determined that it was a homicide-suicide case. He explained that no 9-1-1 emergency service call was ever reported.

Three days earlier, on February 18, the family spent a day at the Disney Animal Kingdom theme park, as described by the agent on his Facebook page: “Family time… we needed this… zero school; Free from work, no mess at work. Only family time and enjoying life through the eyes of children. I love you dear”.

If someone experiences suicidal thoughts or has attempted suicide, or if they know someone in this situation, they should call 9-1-1 or directly to the PAS line at 1-800-981-0023.

In addition, to prevent suicide you can take these actions:

Identify danger signs (behavior, verbal expressions, risk factors, as if it is an older adult alone without support)

Make empathic approaches to that person to extend help and seek it together.

Evaluate the situation and ask directly if you are thinking about committing suicide.


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