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The real disposable income of Russians by the end of the year will fall by 3%, said Vladimir Putin. Earlier, RBC wrote that economists consider the government’s official forecast for this indicator to be too optimistic

Vladimir Putin

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During the annual press conference, President Vladimir Putin cited statistics on the population’s income and appealed to the citizens of the country with a proposal not to be angry with him if the figures he cites do not coincide with their “feelings.” Event broadcast leads RBC.

“I ask the citizens not to be angry with me right away, because what I am going to say now does not correspond, as it were, to the sensations that people face in real life. Nevertheless, this is an average figure, we should also be guided by it, real wages, I hope, will grow by 1.5% by the end of the year, unfortunately, due to a drop in the real disposable income of Russians, ”Putin said.


According to him, the fall in real disposable income of the population by the end of the year will be about 3%. The President explained that the difference between these indicators is taken due to the drop in income from individual entrepreneurs and “everything with which it is connected.”

The real disposable cash income of the population is cash income minus mandatory payments (taxes and fees, interest on loans, etc.), adjusted for inflation. From 2014 to 2017, they continuously decreased, in 2018 they showed near-zero growth (+ 0.1%), and at the end of 2019 increased by 1% in annual terms.

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