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In the spring, a resident of St. Petersburg, who went through the war, organized a fundraiser for the families of doctors who died in the fight against COVID-19. Since then, she has helped over 150 families. President awards a 98-year-old woman with a distinction

Zinaida Korneva

(Photo: veteranorg / VK)

Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Zinaida Korneva, with the distinction “For Benefit”. She was the initiator of fundraising to help families of doctors who died while working with patients with the coronavirus COVID-19. Relevant decree published on the Internet portal of legal information.

“For her great contribution to charitable and social activities, to award the badge of distinction“ For Benevolence ”to Zinaida Antonovna Korneva, the city of St. Petersburg,” the text of the document says.

Putin awarded the Order of Skvortsova and the Dyukov medal

Veronica Skvortsova

how wrote “Fontanka”, Zinaida Korneva – a veteran of the Great Patriotic War. She went to the front at the age of 19, was an anti-aircraft gunner and went through the entire war from Stalingrad to Berlin. The veteran announced a fundraiser in support of Russian doctors who are fighting the coronavirus in the spring, during the first wave of COVID-19. The woman who turned 98 in September publishes stories about the war on his YouTube channel. Now she has almost 14 thousand subscribers. On the website of her project reportedthat more than 4.5 million rubles were collected to help doctors. Thanks to Korneva, it was possible to help more than 150 families of doctors and medical workers throughout Russia. Each family received 30 thousand rubles from the collected funds.

Zinaida Korneva was inspired by the example of British World War II veteran Tom Moore, who, with the help of his stories about those events, raised almost £ 30 million ($ 37 million) to fight the coronavirus. The 99-year-old captain has promised in exchange for donations to walk around his garden a hundred times on a walker before he turns 100 on April 30. The veteran kept his promise and even exceeded the plan by going around the garden 200 times. In July, he was dedicated to into knights.


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