Q&A session with Morawiecki. Among the topics, fuel prices

Analysts of the e-petrol.pl website indicate that the average price of Pb98 gasoline at the stations exceeded the psychological limit of PLN 6 per liter.

Price increases hit us from all sides. The price of not only electricity and gas is rising, but also gasoline. Experts from the industry portal e-petrol.pl reported that after a PLN 0.1 increase, those who refuel with 98-octane petrol pay PLN 6.09 per liter. This is the highest number in the history of quotations so far. They indicated that the price of diesel fuel, which costs PLN 5.89 / l and it is also the highest, average price of this fuel recorded by the portal, also increased by the same amount.

Morawiecki on gasoline prices

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki addressed the problem of rising prices on the fuel market in the latest episode of his weekly podcast. The head of government was asked inflation in this regard by a series of questions and answers.

– Allow me to present this in a comparison to previous times. When gasoline also cost 6 zlotys, in 2012, only then the minimum wage was, if I remember correctly, 1,500 zlotys. From January 1, it will be PLN 3,000. So back then, gasoline cost PLN 6 per liter, but you could buy two times less liters of gasoline for the minimum wage than today. And this difference is important, because unfortunately the price worries me, but it is equally important to compare it to the earnings of Poles and the purchasing power of Poles – said the Prime Minister in the online Q&A session.

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Morawiecki pointed out that he got interested in the problem a few weeks ago when prices started to rise very disturbingly. It was then that he asked to prepare a statement comparing fuel prices in relation to previous years. – Admittedly, this is a small consolation, because I would like it to be the lowest price possible, but fuel prices at Polish gas stations are among the lowest in Europe and I hope it will stay that way, and we will strive to make them lower – added.

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