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Qualcomm will make Snapdragon its own brand

To make the Snapdragon chip names easier, Qualcomm will make Snapdragon a standalone brand.

the essentials in brief

  • Qualcomm announces that the Snapdragon chips will be given simpler names.
  • Snapdragon will also become an independent brand.
  • Details of the new naming scheme are not yet known.

The US chip manufacturer Qualcomm has announced that the names of the Snapdragon chips will be simplified. At the moment the chips have very complicated names, such as the mobile SoCs of the Snapdragon line in 8xx, 7xx and 6xx. This is what «itmagazine» reports.

These names will be changed and the next chipset will not be called “Qualcomm Snapdragon 898” as expected. The names should be simpler and shorter. The company reported that itself.

It is very likely that the company name “Qualcomm” will be dropped from the designations. Snapdragon should become an independent brand. Qualcomm is expected to announce the naming scheme at the same time as the launch of the newest chip.


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