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Quality is Band’s biggest concern with the premiere of Melhor da Noite – Prisma

Glenda Kozlowski and Zeca Camargo direct ‘The Best of the Night’
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The band premieres this Monday (21), at 8:30 pm, live, “Best of the Night”, a program directed by Glenda Kozlowski and Zeca Camargo. Electronic magazine style, the attraction, which will take place in “Faustão na Band”, will bet on technological innovation and various scenes, including a dating reality show for people over 65 years old.

The project has been in the works since November last year and involves more than 100 professionals.

Regarding the gift, Zeca says that open television still has breath and that he likes challenges, despite declaring that “we will not invent the wheel”. But he is very confident: “Who knows, make it live”, he says, paraphrasing Faustão.

Glenda commented: “A live show is tough and I hope it starts soon.

What about the audience? The desire is to keep the current rates in the range and, who knows, adjust a little something more. Speaking of ratings, in fact, there is already a whole picture dominant in this series, led by Globo and TV records. The challenge to get points in SBT. But for a starting product, the audience should not be the main goal, because the results will depend only and only on public acceptance.

That’s why at the beginning of this tour, the Band’s biggest concern, according to its management and presenters, “is to put quality content on the air.” From there, it is understood, positive results can appear.

Also tomorrow, after “Melhor da Noite”, the daily version of “Perrengue” first.

Jorge Mesquita will be one of the innovations of the ninth season of the series ‘Reis’.
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After participating in the telenovela “Jesus”, no TV recordsand “A Dona do Pedaço”, on Globo, actor Jorge Mesquita is preparing for “A Succession”, the ninth season of the “Reis” series.

Nebate is the character, he is in charge of King Solomon’s workers and will also have a part with Zerua (Dani Moreno), among other important actions.

Mesquita has worked in cinema and theater several times and began her training at the Wolf Maya School of Actors and Nilton Travesso School of Actors, in addition to being part of Grupo Tapa de Pesquisas. He is very excited about this new career challenge.


Still on “The Succession”, season nine of “Reis”, Salomão (Guilherme Dellorto) and Abisague (Bárbara França) will have two daughters – Tafate and Basemate.

The characters will be played by Oli Bela and Joana Freymuller, respectively. Registration.

climb up

On the premiere of the series “Vizinhos”, on the 25th, at 22:30 on Canal Brasil, Márcio Vito does not stop.

The actor will also be one of the attractions in “Guerreiros do Sol”, the next soap opera on Globo’s broadcasting service.

Érika Januza, Mona Vilardo, showrunner José Júnior and Leonardo Brício

series of actions

The cast of “Arcanjo Renegado”, produced by Globoplay, met on the last 14th, in a restaurant in Rio, to celebrate the end of the third recording season.

The actress and singer Mona Vilardo, present from the first, as Paolla Marques, the wife of the corrupt governor Custódio Marques (Bruno Padilha), who was murdered, continues on the stage and is already guaranteed in the fourth season.

don’t stop

Nany People, after a special participation in “Fuzuê”, is dedicated to the work of the next season of “Vai Que Cola”, Multishow / Globo, as a member of the fixed cast.

It is also followed as an attraction in “Caldeirão do Mion”.


The crime series “Rio Connection”, a production by Floresta / Sony for Globo, has been ready for a long time.

The problem is that no one knows when it will be released here. Marina Ruy Barbosa is in the cast.

Actress and cultural producer Natascha Stransky
Leo Ornelas

A gift

Actress and cultural producer Natascha Stransky is on the air in “Terra e Paixão” playing the character Silvia, a job that marks her return to Globo, after “Duas Caras” and “Em Família”.

“Sílvia was a wonderful gift. Being in a Walcyr Carrasco soap with a star cast and a wonderful team can’t be poor (laughs). I believe that many things will still happen before we have the paths of the characters in ‘Nova Primavera’ defined”, declared the actress.


In SBT, the “Fofocalizando” team makes an effort to improve the performance of its audience.

There is a greater focus on the exterior and chapters of the telenovela Larissa Manoela.


The production company Zola Filmes is waiting for the Grand Prix of Brazilian cinema in 2023, which is due for the 23rd, broadcast by Canal Brasil, from 8:45 pm. The second season of “Bom Dia, Verônica”, like the first, competes in the best Brazilian fiction series.

The cast brings together names like Tainá Muller, Klara Castanho, Reynaldo Gianecchini and Camila Mardila.

Bella Camero joins the cast of DPA on Gloob
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The young actress Bella Camero, a well-known name in soaps, series and movies, is present in the 18th season of “DPA – Detetives do Prédio Azul”, shown on Gloob. She plays Ágda Calafrio, a fearsome witch who is easily frightened and carries many amulets of protection.

“I had a lot of fun doing ‘DPA!’ The playful universe brings a thousand new possibilities to the scene and it’s too positive! As for my character, the audience can expect goosebumps from Agda Calafrio! But they will be surprised to see that it is scary!”, says the actress.

Defined as such

Journalist Rodrigo Alvarez, formerly of Globo, will have the role of “international colonist” in the program As an international correspondent, in this case, Felipe Kieling is still strong.

full of wheat

It is impressive how the passage of the “BBB” positively affected the life of the musician Rodolfo Matthaus. For him, being part of Globo’s reality was a big deal. It has triggered acquisitions in Brazil and the United States, not to mention that the concert schedule, with its partner Israel, is almost on the same level as that of the big stars of the sertanejo world.

Of course, behind this there is also great work or support.

special series

“Levando a Vida” is the title of the special series “Jornal da Record” that premieres this Monday (21), from 7:55 pm.

The report highlights the stories of Brazilians who have more than one job to supplement their income and face the daily challenge of managing and fulfilling the double shift with determination, positive humor and creativity.

Olívia Araújo plays Maria Navalha in ‘Fuzuê’. Character will mark the turning point of the plot
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turning point

Starting this Monday, “Fuzuê”, Globo’s new seven o’clock soap opera, enters its second week of broadcast. A light plot, with the clear purpose of entertaining, but which also has its dose of mystery. And it is there, in the secrets or treasures hidden in Fuzuê, that the character Maria Navalha, played by Olívia Araújo, who moved the first chapter, will find great importance in the plot of Gustavo Reiz. It will turn history around.

Navalha is the mother of Luna, played by Giovana Cordeiro, one of the main characters of the telenovela.


• Right Medeiros will play Ammit in the ninth season of “Reis” – Egyptian core…

• …Actor Jovan Ferreira will also appear in the Egyptian core, in the role of Aiah.

• “Fuzuê” enters its second week of broadcasting on Globo tomorrow…

• …And, as you can see, it has a totally different feel from “Vai na Fé”…

• …Another point that must be emphasized: the great harmony between Gustavo Reiz and the artistic director Fabricio Mamberti”.

• “A Fairy Came to Visit Me”, Xuxa’s new film, opens on October 12…

• … Promotional work includes television visits and previews.

• Special reporter Juliano Dip, on a special mission in China for Band journalism, has one of the busiest schedules…

• …An agenda that includes Bandeirantes radio, Bandnews FM, Jornal da Band, Jornal da Noite, Bandnews TV and specialists.

• With the work on the recording of the soap “Pedaço de Mim”, on Netflix, finished, Vladimir Brichta is waiting for the next call…

• …In the segment for each job, everything makes believe that it should happen in Globo or Globoplay.

• Daniela Mercury will be part of the special program “Enjoy Punta del Este”, in Uruguay, and the show “Baiana”, on September 9…

• … In the repertoire, his great successes, such as “Rapunzel”, “Oyá Por Nois”, “Maimbé Dandâ” and “O Canto da Cidade”.

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