Quarantine romance: Julieta Prandi and Emanuel Ortega are together

After a traumatic separation, Julieta Prandi found herself in love again. Although the driver for the moment has preferred to keep the name of her new partner a secret, this Thursday in Intruders revealed that the man she would be in an affair with Emanuel Ortega.

“Julieta Prandi’s partner is the singer, musician Emanuel Ortega. He is in Argentina, he separated from Ana Paula Dutil … with twists and turns. This couple is known by mutual friends and they started with Instagram: a like from Julieta to Emanuel. He likes her but doesn’t follow her, “explained panelist Guido Zaffora.

“This comes from the beginning of the year. They had been chatting, he asked her out, then he spent some time in Miami and the relationship cooled a bit … But now they are dating,” Zaffora added convinced.


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